About 61kidz

What is 61kidz?
61kidz pioneers a new online experience that allows kindergartens to interact with teaching professionals from all over the world in real-live time.
What does 61kidz do?
61kidz connects teachers in America, Canada, and Taiwan with over 130,000 kindergartens in Mainland China. We connect. We help. We nurture. We foster the love for learning.
Who are my students?
Your students are preschool age and kindergarteners between 3 to 6 years old. Class sizes vary from 15 to about 25 students.

Getting started

Can I apply if I don’t have a bachelor’s degree?
Currently we are only accepting candidates who have a bachelor’s degree.
What is the application process?
Apply Online,IT Checklist & Record Demo Video,Mock Class Interview, Pre-service Orientation and Sign service agreement, 61kidz teacher.
What does online teaching look like with 61kidz?
Using your smart phone and a webcam you have access to our teaching materials and can connect to the kindergartens instantly during your lessons. We have a unique cooperative teaching platform (the teaching with an online and offline teacher) provides a well-rounded education to thousands of kindergartens all over China.
What equipment do I need?
Computer: Windows 7.0 (or 10.0) or macOS 10.10.5(or above) computers

Internet: Ethernet cable (LAN), Download at 10Mbps or above, Upload at 10Mbps or above and Ping at 200ms or less

Phone: Android 4.4 (or above) devices or iOS 9.0 (or above) devices

Webcam: External HD webcam ex. Logitech C920

Headset : Headphone with around 2m cable. ex. Logitech H110 (two standard microphone and headphone jacks) or H111 (single 3.5mm jack)

Interview Process

How do I schedule the interview?
First, record a demonstration video according to the instructions we sent to you by email. Then, your recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview session using Skype or Zoom.
How long should I wait after applying online
Not too long! You will receive a reply from Recruitment Team within 24 hours.
How do I reschedule an interview if I am not available?
Of Course! You can cancel your class in that situation. However, you need to give an IMMEDIATE notice to At least 24 hours in advance and remember, your wonderful students are counting on you.
How do I need to prepare for the interview?
Familiarize and rehearse the demo class slideshow. Make sure to have plenty of “teaching space” for your demo class and… most importantly, be yourself! Have fun, we’re excited to see you teach!

Teaching with 61kidz

How many students do I teach in one class?
A kindergarten class size ranges from 15-25 students.
Is there a minimum/maximum number of hours required?
No requirements. We encourage you to teach as much as you like. For promotional opportunities, we recommend at least 6 hours a week.
Can I cancel my class if suddenly I am not available?
Of Course! You can cancel your class in that situation. However, we do need you give an immediate notice to Operations Team. Remember, your wonderful students are counting on you.
What is the students’ English proficiency? How much English do they know?
Kindergarteners are typically “True Beginners” in terms of their English proficiency. Technically they are basic level English learners, meaning that some will have had no introduction to English. It is important to speak slowly and clearly.
Can I ask for time off? What is the process?
Give our Operation Team 2 weeks notice to request time off so that we can adjust your schedule and find an adequate substitute.
How old will my students be? What’s the age range for the students I’ll be teaching?
Kindergarten classes are divided into into 3 levels based on their ages:
K1 is for 3-4 years old
K2 is for 4-5 years old
K3 is for 5-6 years old


When do I get paid and how?
We will send out your last month service payment by the 15th of each calendar month by wire transfer to your bank account.
When renewing a service agreement, what can I expect the next step to be?
We have a sophisticated leveling system through which you can receive payment adjustments by accomplishing the allotted hours of training and teaching. Our tiered leveling system also provides opportunities for teachers to learn and grow within the company.
How much tax do I have to pay?
As an independent contractor, you are not subject to tax or FICA withholding. Instead, you’ll pay your own self-employment tax.